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At SNAP we support and welcome families across Vancouver Island that are searching for community and resources for their distance learning (homeschooling) children. It has been a vision of ours to create a learning environment that would provide our complex children a chance to flourish and celebrate their interests and abilities.

SNAP is the missing link for families searching for a more individualized and specialized education focused on their children’s learning needs.

At SNAP our tutoring staff work with your DL teacher and implement your learning plan.  Our 3:1 staff ratio allows for greater support in building core academic skills as well as social competence.

SNAP for DL Learners works in partnership with each child’s chosen homeschool association as well as their parents and other professionals to ensure children are able to meet their full potential. SNAP for DL Learners utilizes only the child’s education funds, all supplemental funds such as Autism Funding are used at parental discretion.

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