Important News

Summer Camps will not be offered  June, July and August 2017,  as we are using this time to move our centre and program plan for the upcoming year.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Early Intervention (ages 2-5) runs Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9-12.

This program supports children under the age of six who are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, FASD and other neurological challenges through structured, individualised and evidence-based interventions.


Our Early Learners program operates Monday 11-2 and Tuesday through Thursday from 10-2.

This program is intended for children who are older than six years of age but who still benefit from a 2:1 learning ratio. The program runs 4 days per week Monday- Thursday with a focus on developing core academic skills. This program is based on the student’s need and not on chronological age, allowing for the student’s individual needs to be met.

Our Intermediate program runs Monday through Thursday 11-2

SNAP’s Intermediate program is open Monday to Thursday and is designed to give advanced learners the support they need in order to graduate with a Dogwood or a Leaving School Certificate.

Our staff will drop off and pick up learners from programs, college classes, tutoring programs, volunteer programs. This program is designed to assist and support the learner into adulthood.


Additional Services and Supports

Social Groups, Play Groups and individual behaviour intervention may run on Monday, Thursday and/or Friday from 2-4 pending enrolment and need. These supports are considered additional to the programs routinely offered by SNAP and will require the use of parent funds or Autism Funding to pay for.