Snap Learning Kids

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2017

We welcome students from most Distance Learning Schools and currently have children with HCOS and Ascend, Oak and Orca- Hand on Home Learning, and Self Design.

If we are not yet registered with your school of choice, please contact Kathleen and we will promptly register with them.

We also welcome individual families not enrolled in DL schools.

Welcome to SNAP for DL Learners

Our vision is to create “a learning environment that overcomes any obstacles a child may face, so they may flourish with a community that celebrates their interests and abilities.”
At SNAP we accommodate both neuro typical students and children with neuro developmental differences.   We receive weekly support from a Behaviour Consultant as part of our programing and work closely with your DL teacher.  Additional professionals such as an Occupational  Therapist, Physio Therapist and the Speech Pathologist  are individually funded and often funded using At Home Program or Autism Funding monies.